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why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo 

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why get a job when you can get hit by cars and sue the drivers 

And then you get injured and possibility die? I don’t think so.

get rich or die tryin dont you know the fuckin motto

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Fuck you for being smart

this is actually better than the spoon thing cause you dont have to hold it in place.

thank goodness, I felt totally inept bcse I couldn’t get the spoon thing to work. Also thanks for reblogging this.


"no pain no game." i whisper as i break my sisters leg while playing twister

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I’m ready to be accidentally hit by a car

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Your mother didn’t spend 9 months forming your body in her womb just so you could hate and destroy it.


this is fucking amazing. 

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*runs after garbage truck* WAIT!!!!! YOU FORGOT ME!!!!!

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Girls are told to be skinny but not too skinny and to wear makeup but not so much that guys can tell and to dress in revealing clothes but not too revealing or else you’re a slut and a hundred other contradictory standards so I think guys can deal with being made fun of for wearing fedoras

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I got sent to the hall in Japanese class for laughing so hard at this I hate this post